Tuesday, November 15, 2016


You or your company have made the decision of attending the next trade show.  Now ask yourself, How can I make my trade show booth work for me? There are several things to consider to help reach this goal.

Double decker
  Do you need a double decker booth? This would allow for conference tables and privacy to meet with your potential clients without taking from your floor space for product displays and marketing materials. It gives you the upper hand so to speak. Do you prefer a booth to be closed in? This may be one choice if you are new to the trade show game or have a limited amount of trade show staff. It also allows you to filter your visitors into a main entrance to give your staff the opportunity to greet all that come through.                                  

Do you prefer an open trade show booth? This may benefit your location in the event hall or allow your trade show staff to assist visitors, no matter which side of the booth they enter from.  You may also want to consider a reception counter if during the trade show your company and staff will be taking scheduled appointments. This gives your staff a welcoming space for visitors to sign in or schedule a time with your salesmen.  Always make sure you have enough trade show staff for the size of your trade show booth, you wouldn't want to have a 20'x50' booth and only a few booth staff that can't meet the needs of all your visitors.

Do I have the right amount of brochures, business cards and products displayed? Are the visitors to your trade show booth able to maneuver easily or is there so much it overwhelms them or clutters your booth. You may want to look into brochure stands, mounting your monitors to not only free up floor space but add that visual stimulation to draw them in.

Are my graphics getting noticed?  If you don't have strategically placed graphics that can be seen from all sides of the event hall, not enough company logo's visible or large enough to be read you may be getting passed by. This is when an in house graphics department can be a great benefit. Let the exhibit company help you enhance your company logo and create those WOW graphics or maybe create a hanging sign that will make visitors take notice of your trade show booth from aisles away. Good lighting is also important if you want to highlight a specific display or your company logo. Good lighting adds to the enhancement of your products and gives your trade show booth a welcoming feel. Poor lighting or not enough can give it a gloomy feel turning visitors to your competitors.  

At Xibit Solutions, our team can help you create that one of a kind design. 

To find out more about custom trade show booths or to get more information on Exhibit booth layouts.

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